Sea Salt Gelt…Yum.

Sea Salt Gelt…Yum.

What Jew wanna eat? Dark chocolate sea salt gelt by Amy Kritzer from Austin, TX, who is making all of her Bubbe’s recipes, with a twist, one at a time, on her blog What Jew Wanna Eat. This recipe really is the simplest thing to make, and it comes with lots of step-by-step pictures, just in case. The only ingredients are dark chocolate and sea salt. That’s it! The rest is just for glitz (and I love glitz!).

I make lots of stuff with melted chocolate and molds, and though Amy recommends a double-boiler and a candy thermometer, you actually don’t need one. If you don’t own those tools, a pot and a Pyrex will do. Fill the pot halfway with water and bring to a boil. Then put your chocolate in the Pyrex and rest it on the pot, lowering the heat to medium. The hot water below will heat up the Pyrex and melt the chocolate evenly. Once your chocolate is melted, just use a spoon to drop it into the molds. Check out the recipe for the rest, plus beautiful photos, along with the rest of her eye-candy blog, which includes cooking demo videos.

P.S. This is a fun activity with kids. Hand them the spoon and the edible glitter and let them go for it.

Jessica Hoffman is a native Jewish Seattleite. She is a contributing Raising Kvell blogger for, and has written articles for Real Time, BBC World News, JOFA Journal, Jewneric, Bangitout, NW Beauty Magazine, and more. Named one of 5 Women to Watch by the JTNews in 2011, Jessica and her husband Ari run Seattle NCSY and raise their 3 children in the Seward Park community.

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